Today has been a rest day. It’s been a quiet but busy week. (That’s possible honest) And I’ve also landed myself a UTI. 

Having therapy twice a week is bloody exhausting. It may only be two hours out of 168…but those two hours spill over and consume many more hours of your week. 
Dissecting and processing the things that were discussed really takes it out of you. I use drawing and writing to help you reorder the things that have been unpacked from the Pandora’s box that is my brain. It’s almost like homework. Kinda. 
It’s hard when people ask what have you done with your week, or what have you been up to when your only answer is therapy and groups. It makes me sound lazy, but I’m not. Far from it…my brain is forever working, working through thoughts and feelings, working through adult life, trying to stay upright, forcing myself to get out of bed on the days where anxiety is high and mood is excessively low. That takes more energy than you realise. So much more.