I’m starting my course this week and I’m already stressing over what to take for lunch. Lunch box fussiness, the eating disorder mixed with anxiety over meeting my fellow class mates has sent me into overdrive. 
But it’s been somewhat a positive stress…I guess. I have meal planned and shopped. I got home. Did the washing up, then emptied and cleaned out my half of the fridge. 

My meal plan is pretty simple, breakfast is oats, dinner is my usual standard vegetables and rice. Lunches were a struggle to plan. I normally skip lunch. But when I’m out all day I don’t feel like I would cope, or have enough brain power to study without food. 
I will be studying Thursday and Friday. 

Thursdays lunch plan is 

* nuggets, carrot sticks, cucumber, capsicum, baby tomatoes and hummus. 

Fridays lunch plan is

* Sweet potato wrap, hummus, carrot sticks, cucumber, baby tomatoes and capsicum. 
I know they’re not exactly exciting but, I’m going to have to keep ‘safe’ to keep my anxiety to a minimum or eating in a new environment with new people isn’t going to happen. I’m also going to write out a list of strategies that will be useful if I’m struggling in class because of anxiety. I’d rather be over prepared and have coping strategies than be underprepared. I’m also going to arrange to take some prn with me me in case I need it.