I’ve been wanting to ramble about this for a while, the yes no vote.
Now, this vote, whilst people think it’s about same sex marriage. I mean it is a huge part of it. It also means so many other things for people in a same sex relationship. Also, we need to think about the children and young people that can’t vote. Everyone is like, think of the children, think of the children. Yes, think of the children…think of the lgbt queer young people that can’t vote and see the rest of their country being homophobic, transphobic and voting no, thinking that our rights to marry are overridden by religion.
If this bill passes as well it also means that if a couple were…God forbid in an accident and one died, their partner would have rights to their will, belongings and housing and stuff like that. Because at the moment if that happened and someone of the couple dies, the parter is not entitled to anything, and they can’t write the word partner on the statement for the police, they have to write friend, which is disgusting. This means that any rights and decisions go to family, which is great if you have a family that is supportive, but imagine if you had a family that didn’t speak to you for ten years because they disowned you for being gay or transgender. I want people to think of the children. And to the lgbt queer children, reading this…watching the nastiness that this debate has become. Seeing the no ads, seeing people write ‘vote no’ in the sky. Think of the young people that are too scared to come out because they see all this nastiness, they see the sky telling people to vote no, seeing people getting dragged off the stage for kissing someone of the same sex. 
We need to think outside of the little box, whilst you think it doesn’t matter what you vote because it doesn’t affect you directly but there is bound to be people out there that you know this will effect. It will effect them, so you need to think, it could be you sisters, aunties, brothers, cousins child that could be 14/15 coming to terms with their sexuality or gender. That are seeing the nastiness on the tv, hearing it all on the radio, seeing all this on the Internet and seeing someone they know and love vote no.
As someone that is part of this community this scares and saddens me to think that people out there that I don’t know have an impact on my life. Me and my partner, we can’t get married here in Australia. If we wanted to get married we would have to go abroad, which is lovely. But when we returned to Australia, our marriage would not be recognised or valid. This is why it’s such a huge huge thing for the community and people are throwing things into it that aren’t related, they are throwing religion into it, the no ad says “my sons school said he could wear a dress to school if he wants to next year.” Wow, so what what, if he wants to wear a dress to school, let him. Clothes are not gendered. 
So yea, this whole thing is upsetting. It’s scary, it makes not want to be in this country because I am scared of what people think. I get scared to go out in public and hold hands with my partner because I’m scared that people will be horrible and nasty to us and it really really reallllly should not be that way. You shouldn’t be scared to be out with someone you love. Most of you have already voted by now, but if you haven’t please stop for a second, stop and think and please, not for you, but for the people who can’t vote, for the people who are to scared to come out because of all the nasty and negativeness that’s out there at the moment. That one extra yes could really change the world of so many.

Stay safe everyone 🏳️‍🌈